søndag den 22. april 2012

Everything about you - part 6.

Part 6   
You logged in on twitter and saw people talking about ‘Harry’s new secret girlfriend’ if only they knew the truth. You were happy that nobody knew your twitter name. You decided to look at Harry’s twitter to see if he has written something about you. He hasn’t and you were relieved.

Your mom called your name and you ran out to the stairs.

You:” Yeah?”  

 Mom:” Dinner.”

You walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Your mom was still angry. You were tired and confused. But the meeting with Harry has taken over your feelings so you were completely happy. You ate quickly and went upstairs again. So much drama on one day.

You went to bed early because you were exhausted.
The next day you got up and got ready for school. You had totally forgotten everything until you saw your poster and you sighed.  

Downstairs your mom was making breakfast.

Mom:” I’m going to come home late tonight. You’re a grounded and can’t have friends over.” You sighed and ate your breakfast.

You took your bag and went over to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, you walked in. Everybody was looking at you. No, not looking. They were starring. You sat down next to Sofie, who smiled a big and 

exited smile. Behind her were you’re two other friends sitting.
Sofie:” WELL ISN’T IT MRS. STYLES, WE HAVE HERE.” She almost yelled it out. You pushed it into the window.

You:”Sofie, shut up!” You looked at Simone and Anna. They were smiling.

Sofie:” Ok, I will. If you tell all the dirty stuff!”

You looked tired on her. You:” What dirty stuff?”

Sofie ignored your question. Sofie:” Is he a good kisser? I’ve read that in a magazine.”

Anna interrupted:” Sofie, relax, will you? Let her breathe.”

You smiled a grateful smile to Anna. Sofie just kept on smiling. They were all talking, and let you sit alone with your thoughts. At your school everybody was busy, so no one was starring at you. You walked fast to your class with Anna. Both of you had English in first class. You found your seat and tried to focus on not getting overlooked. But all the girls and some of the guys were starring at your back.     

The teacher came in and looked at you. He smiled and you smiled a little smile back.

Mr. Roster:” The principal wants to talk with you.” He wasn’t mad or anything, so you weren’t nervous.


Mr. Roster nodded. Anna smiled calm at you. You turned around and saw everybody in the class looking at 
you. You rushed out of the door. At the principal’s office everybody was stressed. The phone rang without breaks.  

The principal:” It’s seems like you’re getting a little popular.”

lørdag den 21. april 2012

Everything about you - part 5


You:” What? I… What?” That was the only words you could say. You were stunned.

Sofie:” You’re on MTV. ‘Is this girl Harry from One Direction’s new girlfriend?’ WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”
You:” I DIDN’T KNEW, SOFIE.” You told Sofie about your day with Harry.

Sofie:” OMG. OMG. OMG. Will you please ask him out? Or ask him if he wants to go out with me? Or ask ham for a picture? An Autograph? A hug?” She just kept on. You were still stunned and didn’t listen to her talk. MTV thought you were Harry’s new secret girlfriend? Yeah, I wish.

 Sofie:” Are you even listening to me?”

You:” Yeah. I’m just a little overwhelmed right now. Do you think paps will hunt me down or something? Should I try to get in touch with Harry? I don’t know what to do!” You were freaked out. What if Harry thought you were the one who made up this rumor? The thought gave you stomachache.

Sofie:” Enjoy the attention! Maybe you and Harry will be friends!” Sofie sounded really excited, but you didn’t share that feeling.

You:” You know I don’t like attention. I got to go. See you tomorrow, okay?” You couldn’t clear things out. You needed some time to think.

Sofie:” Okay. See you.”

You sat down in your bed and looked around in your room. You were so confused right now. You looked at your One Direction poster. You looked Harry in the eyes and said:” What’s going on right now? I’m so confused.”

You decided to check it out on the internet. You logged on and saw….. 

Everything about you - Part 4.

He looked into your eyes and smiled, not only with his lips but with his eyes too. His eyes were so beautiful. You would look into them all day, if you could.

Harry:” It was nice meeting you! Maybe we will meet again someday.” You smiled.

You:” So nice you broke my ankle.” You both laughed. Harry looked smiling at you. You couldn’t believe that you actually were sitting here next to Harry Styles from one of the best boy bands in the world. You could scream right now.

You:” It was nice to meet you official too.” You went out of the car and he drove away. You waved at him. You waited till the he was far enough away and jumped up and down till you got dizzy. Omg, you could totally faint right now. You went inside the house with the biggest smile on your face. But when you opened the door your mom was looking angrily at you.

Mom:” Why do you have phone? Where have you been the last 2 and half hours?”  In you head you tried to work an excuse for being home late. But you just told the truth.

You:” This guy walked into me and I fell. I hurt my ankle pretty much and we went to the hospital. GUESS WHO IT WAS?” You smiled a big smile and couldn’t hide your happiness. Your mom wasn’t as happy as you were.

Mom:” I was worried. Did you get into a car with a stranger?!”

You:” He’s not a stranger. It was Harry.” Your mom made a weird face like she was trying to figure who Harry is.

You:” Styles. Harry Styles.” You were almost jumping.

Mom:” You don’t know him personally. Is your ankle okay?” You had forgotten about it because you were so exited.     

You:” It’s not broken and it’ll be okay in a few weeks.”

Mom:” Okay. You’re grounded by the way.” Your mom turned around and walked into the kitchen and you ran upstairs. Your phone rang, and you answered.

You:” Hi.” 

torsdag den 19. april 2012

Everything about you - part 3.

   Harry smiled and went for a hug. You hugged him back. Butterflies were going nuts inside your stomach. You were disappointed that the hug was so short.
Harry:” Is it okay, I go with you? I’m kind of curios!” You were about to scream yes out loud, but stopped yourself.

You:” Sure.” You smiled gently at Harry and he smiled back. Would it be awkward to ask for picture? Yes, it’d. It’d be so awkward. You watched every move Harry made.  Like if you didn’t you’d lose something. He slowly removed at curl again.

Inside the hospital you talked with a nice nurse. People in the waiting room were starring at Harry and you.  Most Harry though. You don’t like that kind of attention. Some girls were talking quietly about Harry. They were sending you the killer eyes. You tried not to look at them. The girls came over to Harry and asked for a picture. He took a picture with them and sat down again.

Your named was shouted and you rose up. Harry followed you. His hand touched yours. A wave of energy ran through your body. He looked at you and smiled. You smiled back and looked away.
They doctor who were going to check your ankle was a One Direction fan too. He wanted Harry to sign something for his daughter. Harry did it and the doctor tried to focus on you. He said it wasn’t broken and it was gonna be okay in a few weeks. You said thank you. Harry laid his hand on your bag and gently pushed you out of there. Just the touch of him made you dizzy.

“Do you need a lift home?” Harry said with a smile. He seemed nervous.
“I’d love that.” The second the words came out of your mouth you realized how stupid that was.
Harry smiled and opened the door for you.
You:” You really don’t need to drive me the whole way home.” You were hoping he wouldn’t throw you out of the car.

Harry:” its okay. I’m taking some free time for myself.”  Harry was concentrated with his driving. He drove you home and stopped in front of your house.  You:”Thanks for the lift.” You were about to go out of the car when Harry stopped you. 

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Everything about you - part 2.

Harry looked you deeply in your eyes. He opened his mouth and closed it again. He looked at the traffic and back at you.
Harry:” Are you sure? Look at the traffic?” Harry smiled a cheeky smile. A smile you have only seen at concerts and pictures. You were brightening away.
You:” I don’t want to waste your time. I know you’re a busy person.” You tried to smile a little and gentle smile. But you failed and smiled like a crazy girl. Harry smiled back.
Harry:” I’m not busy at all. I have time.”
You didn’t know what to say. There was nothing more you wanted than get a lift. I mean how many times you get this chance.
You:” If you’re sure. Thanks.” Harry smiled and walked over to his car. You followed him. Inside you were screaming. Harry opened the door for you and got in the car. The car was so clean. You couldn’t help it but you were smiling like an idiot. You were actually jumping inside. Harry sat inside the car. He started the car and drove away.
Harry:” How are your foot?” Harry looked worried at you. You looked at your foot. You couldn’t look at his face without blushing.
You:” It’s fine.” You could feel Harry looking at you. You looked out of the window.
You arrived at the hospital. You were about to open the door when Harry stopped you.
Harry smiled and said:” Let me.” You blushed and looked away. He opened the door for you and closed it again. You looked awkwardly at him.
You:” So thank you. It was really nice to meet you. You know… In real life.” You smiled at him. Harry smiled and…..


tirsdag den 17. april 2012

Everything about you - part 1.

You were really busy texting with one of your friends on your phone. You walked fast down the street and didn’t notice a person was in front of you. You walk straight into someone. You fell on the ground and twisted your ankle. ¨
You:’’ Aw. Aw. Aw.’’ 
You looked up in these beautiful green boy’s eyes. It was Harry Styles… THE Harry Styles. Harry Edward Styles. 
Harry:’’ I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you. Is everything okay?’’ 
You just looked at him with big eyes. 
You:’’ Ehm. Yeah sure.’’ 
But when you tried to support on your ankle you failed. Harry helped you to get on your feet. 
Harry:’’ Wouldn’t it be best to get a doctor to look at it?’’ You were totally out of words. 
Harry was just waiting for your answer.
You:’’ Yeah.  I should.’’ 
Harry just smiled at you and slowly removed a curl of his from his eye.
Harry:’’ My car is over here. I can give you a ride?’’ You looked at him with big eyes again. Harry laughed and said:’’ It’s kinda scary when you do that.’’ You just blushed and smiled a little smile. 
You:’’ Do what?’’ Harry made big eyes. It made you laugh. 
You:’’ You don’t really need to give me a lift. There’s lot of caps. I bet you’re busy anyway. But thanks.’’        

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søndag den 8. april 2012


I'm thinking about making a love story. But I need to know, if anyone would read it. So I made a outtake from the story. Please tell me what you think. Thank you for reading my imagines, btw! Imagines will still be made, even though I make a love story.

You were really busy texting with one of your friends on your phone. You walked fast down the street and didn’t notice a person was in front of you. You walk straight into someone. You fell on the ground and twisted your ankle. You:’’ Aw. Aw. Aw.’’ You looked up in these beautiful green boy’s eyes. It was Harry Styles… THE Harry Styles. Harry Edward Styles. Harry:’’ I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you. Is everything okay?’’ You just looked at him with big eyes. You:’’ Ehm. Yeah sure.’’ But when you tried to support on your ankle you failed. Harry helped you to get on your feet. Harry:’’ Wouldn’t it be best to get a doctor to look at it?’’ You were totally out of words.